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    Since the launch of Project Hope, CYDF has taken "giving a voice to the interest of young people" as part of its mission. In cooperation with research groups and institutes, CYDF has continuously carried out surveys on the status quo and development of contemporary Chinese youth, with an aim to advocate for protecting young people and improving their well-being. . Meanwhile, CYDF has actively performed its social responsibility as a leading foundation for the healthy development of the sector by constantly supporting researches on China's third sector and sponsoring programs that are developed to enhance professional administration of non-profit organizations.

    By now, CYDF has released or published the following research reports and books: "Dilemma and Action - The clash between the new generation of migrant workers and the migrant workers production system",  "Classic Case Study of Hope Social Workers","Ten Methods of Hope Social Workers’ Regular Services", "For the Longing Eyes - 20-year’s Memorandum of Project Hope", "School Days in the City -Jin LongYu excellent essays from children of migrant workers ", " Long March for Education", "Starlight - Collection of Excellent Essays by Stars of Hope". CYDF also publishes a monthly magazine named Project Hope.

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