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Happy Cinema


    Film, as a childhood educational approach to explore human spirit, is incomparable. But the survey by an evaluating agency on 76 Hope Primary Schools in the 10 central and western provinces found that only 8.6% of the schools had organized students to see movies while 91.4% had not. Many teenagers and kids in remote western mountainous areas and ethnic minority areas have never seen movies before.

    Project Hope Happy Cinema will provide a needy rural school with a set of digital movie projection equipment, trying to improve the educational environment in rural schools responding to the needs of students and communities. Meanwhile, the program will also serve as a hub to bring people together, enrich the cultural life of the school and its neighborhood by showing films and carrying out services and activities.

    A donation of 50,000 yuan can sponsor a Project Hope Happy Cinema (including 5-years’screening costs, equipment maintenance costs and training costs of teachers in charge. 10% of the funds will be used on the program management and general administration of CYDF).

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