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Happy Sports


    Lack of quality sports facilities and equipment in rural primary schools has made the PE teaching and extracurricular activities difficult for the students. In 2008, a survey conducted by five ministries including Ministry of Education and the State Sports General Administration on more than 380,000 students from rural primary and secondary schools in 31 provinces showed that the basic training in PE classes are running, jumping, casting and setting-up exercise. Sports facilities have long been in a shortage, and PE classes have long been regarded as accessory to academic teaching.

    Project Hope Happy Sports will equip a needy rural school with sports facilities including basketball stands (basketball), soccer goal nets (soccer), table tennis tables (ping-pang balls), horizontal bars, parallel bars, jumping ropes etc. to meet national standards for physical education. The program will train PE teachers, support sports activities carried out in schools, promote the dissemination of sports knowledge and strengthen the fitness of students. It will encourage governments and schools to pay more attention to physical education, promote the society to care more about the mental and physical health of young people.

    A donation of 20,000 yuan can sponsor a Project Hope Happy Sports Playground (10% of the funds will be used on the program management and general administration of CYDF).

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