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Hope Hospital


    Many rural hospitals in remote areas face lots of problems, including dangerous buildings, backward and aging medical facilities, lack of medical technicians, etc. it is urgent to mobilize social forces and make contribution to the development of public health of rural areas. Hope Hospital will construct a new hospital (or renovate an old hospital) for impoverished townships, upgrade its equipment and train the medical staff. The program will improve medical environment in township hospitals, enhance ways, standard and accuracy of diagnosis and treatment and provide better services for patients.

    A donation of 500,000 can sponsor a Hope Hospital (10% of the funds will be used on the program management and general administration of CYDF).

    Hope Hospital and Hope Clinic are both launched after the inception of Oriental Kunlun Charity Fund. Oriental Kunlun Charity Fund, founded by China Youth Development Foundation, is focused on social advocacy and fund-raising to serve the rural needy people and the construction of new socialist countryside.

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