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Hope Primary School


    Lots of primary schools in rural areas are of poor construction quality.  Especially for those located in central and western regions,  there exists dangerous buildings at different levels, and for those located in areas that are prone to natural disasters, security risks are even higher. Some of the central schools  after the recent merging  organized by the Ministry of Education are in a difficult situation that the classrooms and dorms are overcrowded with students,  and they don't have a canteen for meals. Therefore, they are in urgent need of constructing, rebuilding and expanding the teaching and living facilities including classroom buildings, dormitories and canteens.  Most of the village schools and teaching sites (i.e. small-sized schools) located in remoteness have only one teacher with dangerous classrooms and harsh conditions. These schools need to be reconstructed or renovated to get improved.
    Building Hope Primary School will improve the infrastructure for rural education in rural areas. Students will be able to leave dangerous, overcrowded schools and study and live in a safe, spacious and bright campus instead.  It will help improve their mental and physical health as well as academic performances. This program will also encourage the investment in elementary education by local government, improve school management and teaching levels, and arouse the whole society’s attention and support to rural primary schools in the impoverished areas.
    A donation of 500,000 yuan can help build a Hope Primary School. A donation of 300,000 yuan can help build a village school or a teaching site (10% of the funds will be used on the program management and general administration of CYDF).

    Besides the fund provided by CYDF, any insufficient part for construction of a primary school will be covered by the county government. CYDF will name the school at the donor's preference. 


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