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Teacher Training


    Low teaching quality is one of the most important reasons for the backward elementary education in impoverished rural areas. Due to limited access to  course resources, reference books, and out-of-date teaching methods and knowledge, the teaching staffs in rural areas are facing severe challenges.

    Project Hope Teacher Training program is developed to promote rural teachers' continuing education, with a focus on principals and teachers of village schools in central and western rural areas. It aims to constantly improves teachers’ quality and promote education equity.

    The training program focuses on "new ideas, new curriculum, new technology and teacher's ethic", to help the trained principals and teachers in rural primary school receive the concept of modern education, understand the objectives, content and methods of basic education curriculum reform, be capable of teaching the new curriculum and perform independent study. The program will further improve rural teachers' ethic, and create a group of elite teachers who have excellent teaching ability, and can serve as an example for all other teachers. Ultimately, this program will benefit the local students.

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