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Hope Kitchen


  "2010 Assessment Report on Rural School-Feeding and Nutrition" shows that nutrition intake is seriously inadequate for students in poor central and western areas. 12% of the students suffer from physical retardation and 72%  feels hungry during class.

    Although the government has launched the“Nutrition Improvement Program for Rural Compulsory Education Students”,  problems such as the outdated facilities in rural school canteens and poor sanitation seriously hampered the implementation of the program. Nutrition experts appealed that schools making their own meals is the only effective way to solve the problems. With the Hope Kitchen equipment, it is possible for schools to provide meals.

    Hope Kitchen will equip a needy rural school with modern kitchen facilities to meet national standards for school catering, enhance awareness of nutrition among students, parents, teachers and staff, thus change the unhealthy eating habits and solve the problem of malnutrition for students.

    A donation of 40,000 yuan can sponsor a Hope Kitchen (10% of the funds will be used on the program management and general administration of CYDF).

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