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Privacy Protection

1. Copyright Issues about CYDF official website
CYDF owns all the copyright of its website, including the copyright of photos and picture designs. Unless there is written permission beforehand, no organization or individual is allowed to use materials on CYDF website for any purposes.

2. Privacy Policies
CYDF respects your privacy on the internet. This privacy statement elaborates on the policy of collecting and sharing visitor information via CYDF official website. The statement can be applied to all websites within the domain name “cydf.org”. Please note that through this website, you may visit or be introduced to other CYDF-related websites or the official websites of CYDF community members. All these websites have several privacy statements similar to ours, but with slight differences. Browsing CYDF website means you accept the above policies.

What information does CYDF website intend to collect?

⑴ General conditions of website use

Generally speaking, you can browse the CYDF website without telling us who you are, or giving any personal information. The only information we collect in common browsing is from standard server logs. These information include your IP (Internet Protocol) address, domain name, browser type, operating system, the website which introduced you to our website, the files you downloaded, the pages you browsed and the date and time, etc..

⑵ Collection of personal information that can be confirmed

Your name, postal address, e-mail addresses and other personal information will be required when you sign up on CYDF website, subscribe to newsletters, make donations, request for information/email list, provide feedback or apply for jobs. These data will only be collected on your notice and stored in relevant databases of CYDF.

CYDF web addresses (URL) that have special requirements regarding collection of personal data may release another privacy statement for their own website. In this case, these varied policies in terms of different URL are supplements to CYDF general privacy policies, and will provide additional detailed information about the particular purposes.

The web browser Tracker (Cookies) * will be set automatically when you register or provide personal information on certain CYDF websites. In this way, your detailed information will be recorded by CYDF so that you don’t need to type them again next time. This helps us provide better services for you.

3. How does CYDF use data collected from Internet?

General use of Internet
Data collected from daily browse of website with domain name “cydf.org” are used to analyze the usage and its trend of CYDF website so as to improve the website usability. Some personal information is excluded from this analysis. If you have registered in CYDF for activities, however, your identity can be confirmed during data collection of general use of Internet.

Confirmable Personal information
Your information will be used by CYDF
■to respond to your inquiry and suggestion, or to send you the required messages, documents, and publications;
■to manage and answer your job application;
■to confirm your donation and registration on the Internet;
■to record your internet usage and preferences;
■to provide you with relevant materials catering to your interests and to add meaningful contents to the website;
■to conduct statistical analysis.

What if I don’t want to provide personal information?
You have the right to decide whether or not to provide personal information on CYDF website. If not, the website is still available for browsing, but some services are not, including donation, registration for messages and work application.

Withdrawal or modification of your registration data
You can navigate to the home page at anytime, and withdraw or modify your registration data by contacting relevant department. If detailed contact information is not available on the internet, you can contact us directly for assistance.

Information security
Without prior agreement, personal information collected from the website won’t be sold to or shared with a third party. We will adopt a well-disciplined attitude to protect any information of our network users. Any other means of personal information usage is not allowed other than the means stipulated in this privacy policy, in other privacy policies of other specific websites, or means agreed upon by you. CYDF has adopt a set of technical and safety measures to prevent data in the system form losing, abusing, browsing without warrant, releasing, modifying or destroying.

CYDF assumes no responsibility for the security of information.
On CYDF website, there are website links which are not with the domain name “cydf.org”. In this aspect, CYDF assumes no responsibility for their practices relating to information security.


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