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Hope Community


    With more and more farmers leave their hometown and look for jobs in the cities, they either bring their children with them or leave them at home. These children who are also known as "Migrant Children" or "Left-behind Children", need very much care and concerns from the public. Due to the lack of parental guidance family care and favorable environment for growing-up, migrant children and left-behind children face great challenges in their study, life, and personality development.

    Hope Community program is designed to establish a local community center for migrant children or left-behind children to stay in after school, so that they can play and learn under the care and guidance of social workers. The program will help the children to deal with problems in their life and study, and form good behavioral habits and  personality. It is expected to enrich the children's extracurricular life, improve their life skills, and meanwhile positively influence the educational concept of both their teachers and parents.

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