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United Development Centre




    In May 2011, after a study on the status of NGOs and the challenges they face  in their development, CYDF proposed  a preliminary design and operating model of the United Development Centre. On November 23rd, 2011, the launch of the Centre was officially approved by the senior  management of CYDF. On March 12th, 2012, the first meeting of the UDC’s first Board was held, and the United Development Centre was officially established with the mission to assist social entrepreneurship. The center serves the youth as well as non-profit organizations, social enterprises and  charitable project teams participated mostly by young people

Contact Information

Email address:udchope@126.com
Address: 2nd Floor of CYDF

Organizations & project teams including: 


1 Zuzhili Social Service Center
2 www.weiyichina.org
3 China Youth Climate Action Network
4 Beijing Peasants’ Children Culture Development Center
5 Hippo 3D Show
6 Wise Career Rainbow A 1+N Internship Lab
7 Beijing Sunrising education consulting Co.,Ltd
8 One Education
9 Childen’s Hope Foundation
10 Beijing Pracitioner Cultural Development and Research Center for Migrant Workers
11 Lanhuacao Art Foundation
12 InspiringNPO
13 Green kids
14 Teach Future China
15 Sunflower Partner Autism Rehabilitation Studio
16 World of Art Brut Culture
17 Beijing Loving Animals Foundation
18 Ant Workshop(Beijing)Consnltign & Service,Co
19 Our April Musuem Volunteer Association (OAMVA)
20 The Union of Self-Disciplinary Organizations
21 i-Volunteer
22 China Rural Library
23 Wardrobe of Love
24 Yao Foundation

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