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The 23rd African Hope Primary School Completed in Namibia

The construction of the 23rd Hope Primary School with the largest scale among primary schools in Africa built by China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF) was successfully completed on Sep.3, 2015. Witnessed by Mr. Xin Shunkang, Chinese Ambassador to Namibia and Ms. Himarwa, Minister of Education, Arts and Culture in Namibia together with hundreds of pupils and faculty members, Mr. Yan Shi, Director of Hope Primary Schools of CYDF and representative of Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture in Namibia cosigned the funded project handover document.  After inspection and approval of completion by the Ministry, the Hope Primary School was officially handed over from constructors to the local community.\

Before handover ceremony pupils raised the national flags of Namibia, China and Flag of the African Union.

Project Hope for Africa is an international public benefit project jointly initiated by CYD), the World Eminence Chinese Business Association (WECBA) and China Tojoy Holding Group in 2011, with funds raised by WECBA and programs implemented by CYDF. The project aims to help African poor rural areas improve environment for operating schools and assist the development of education in some African countries by constructing schoolhouses, mobilizing education resources and sending volunteers to teach.
As of Aug. 2015 Project Hope for Africa has received over 40 million RMB from enterprises and constructed 23 Hope primary schools in 5 African countries including Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda and Namibia, providing benefits for tens of thousands of African pupils and alleviating the pressure of lacking education resources in recipient countries, which is positively evaluated and warmly welcomed by local governments and people.


Witnessed by Mr. Xin Shunkang, Chinese ambassador to Namibia and Ms. Himarwa minister of Education, Arts and Culture, CYDF handed over the school license plate to principle.

The primary school was established with the donation of 6.2 million RMB (about $1million) by China Tojoy Holding Group and named as "China Tojoy Hope Primary School" after completion. The school is located Talismanus Town, Omaheke Region, located at the border of Namibia and Botswana, over 400 kilometers away from the capital of Namibia, suffering from few natural resources, high temperature and drought all the year around and economic backwardness. Before the establishment of the school the pupils have to walk more than 10 kilometers to schools in other regions, which was under tough living conditions. One parent extends his excitement, “The establishment of the primary school facilitates children to study and brings about hope to our whole family."
The newly built school covers 1,500 m2 including 13 classrooms, offices for teachers, multi-purpose room and playground, which could hold 600 pupils and provide services for over ten villages and towns nearby. CYDF has equipped the school with teaching facilities including desks and chairs, computers and projectors. China Tojoy Holding Group along with CYDF will continue to follow the development of the school and provide aid within capacity.
Chinese ambassador to Namibia Mr. Xin Shunkang delivered the first Chinese class to pupils in the newly-built Hope primary school.
Mr. Xin Shunkang, Chinese Ambassador to Namibia said, “This year marks the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between China and Namibia. China-Namibia friendship can serve as a role model for China-Africa relations. Amity between people holds the key to sound relations between states. Non-government organizations in China actively develop public charity projects and help local people to solve problems with sincerity, real results, affinity and good faith, which has demonstrative value and contributes to consolidating the friendship and promoting cultural exchange between two countries and developing bilateral relations."
Ms. Himarwa, Minister of Education, Arts and Culture in Namibia, is grateful for the establishment of Hope primary school by Chinese Non-government organizations and said, “The establishment of the Chinese-style 'Hope primary school' in Namibian rural remote areas improves the teaching and learning environment in Namibia, which enables Namibian people to feel the strength and warmth from Chinese society."
As China develops, there will become a trend that Chinese non-government organizations go abroad and provide aids for people in less developed countries. It was reported that back in 2006 CYDF attempted to develop international fund and execute internationalization strategy. For years CYDF has implemented overseas aid in Vietnam, Malaysia and Africa and built “China-Nepal Friendship Hope Primary School” reconstruction projects in Nepal hardest-hit regions, generalizing the Hope primary schools as the successful model in solving education problems in poor rural areas to more countries and regions.
Mr. Yan Shi, Director of Hope Primary Schools of CYDF, said, "Project Hope is and will focus the financial aid and service on China. Additionally Project Hope is supposed to go abroad and cooperate with other Chinese social organizations and international youth volunteers, offer tangible help to Africa and Southeast Asia and even more areas in dire need of improving current state of elementary education, and transfer friendship from Chinese civil society " .
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