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Ning Zetao- the New Ambassador for "NU SKIN @ Chinese Children's Heart Fund"

Asia's "flying fish", Ning Zetao, a  gold medalist in the 2015 World Swimming Championships, has recently accepted his newest title of charity ambassador for "NU skin".
Among other accolades Ning Zetao, has previously been dubbed as one of the "Top Ten influential people" by netizens. As of January 10th 2016 Ning Zetao will be using his global influence as an ambassador for "NU SKIN @ Chinese Children's Heart Fund". The fund primarily assists children suffering congenital heart disease gain access to timely operations as well as aid them and their families throughout the recovery process. 
As the ambassador, Ning will work hand in hand with China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF) and Shanghai Charity Foundation, with the aim to grow awareness and concern for children suffering heart disease.


In an interview, Ning shared his motivation to become a charity ambassador. He noted his personal experience as the primary driver, stating, "I was sent by my father to an amateur sports school because I was feeble and sick when I was young. What I suffered and the success I am experiencing, motivates me to keep focusing on the health of children." He continued "I hope to motivate more people and youths to help those children in trouble to lead a happy and healthy life." 

The cooperation between CYDF and NU SKIN has been ongoing for four years. The work of the charity spans Yunnan, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Guangdong and Guangxi.
As part of the cooperation between the charities, NU SKIN will donate 100 million yuan to CYDF for congenital heart disease aid. It is estimated that 10 thousand children will benefit from the donation. In addition, it is hoped that more care and attention will subsequently be paid to the healthy development of children, teenagers, and society as a whole.


The work of the charity is of growing importance. China is currently facing tough challenges regarding CHD in childhood. It is estimated that more than 2.5 million children are suffering from heart disease and a further 200 thousand will be born with the condition. More alarmingly, two thirds of these children will not receive treatment and a further one third are expected to die from congenital heart disease.
NU SKIN was founded, in partnership with the Shanghai charity foundation in 1997 and began its work in the Southeastern region. Since its initiation the project has become an encompassing treatment program; including preliminary screening, treatment, a volunteering service and medical training. By the end of November 2015, 4,341 underprivileged kids with CHD had been treated with the help of NU SKIN. It is hoped that with the help of Ning Zetao the work of the charity and program will continue to grow and help countless more children and families in the future.
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