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Shanghai Pharma Love Project to Build Health Clinics in Wenshan, Yunnan

Shanghai Pharma Love Project is a new unique fund that has been jointly launched by CYDF and Shanghai Pharma. The current project of the fund is to build numerous clinics across Yunnan Province to address the medical needs of residents in these currently deprived areas.
Village clinics are the basis of a three-level medical care network. The clinics are a fundamental contributor to healthcare, providing basic medical assistance and public health services to rural residents.
The current rural medical services are undeniably in need of improvement, however the existing funding is not sufficient. Consequently, services, infrastructure and medical care are suffering, whilst the health care staff require additional training. It is reported that this lack of funds and resultant lack of facilities, is resulting in an inadequate provision of services to address the medical needs of the population.
The 'Shanghai Pharma Love' project will attempt to address these issues through building and rebuilding 5 clinics, and equipping them with new medical equipment and facilities. The ultimate goal of the project being to establish 'four-in-one' village clinics, with public health, basic medical services, essential medicine and a new rural cooperative medical system being incorporated into the sites.
Zuo Min, president of Shanghai Pharma stated, "We hope the five clinics can be samples for following clinics which will be built in other remote areas. In the future, Shanghai Pharma will primarily donate to build clinics together with improving the configuration of medical resources."

Yang Xiaoyu, vice general secretary of CYDF, further emphasized the importance of this project, stating that the public service activities of the clinics will also be of benefit to the resident population. For instance, that the Clinics would serve not only as medical institution for prevention, health care and medical services, but also as the platform for publicising public health information and mutual assistance between urban and rural areas.
The initial donation of 10 million yuan is set to be distributed over the course of 3 years. The funds will primarily be assigned to building clinics in remote rural areas, helping patients with rare diseases and training rural doctors. In addition, the donation will be utilized for free rural clinics and health education. It is envisaged that a total of 40 village clinics will be built and 400 trainings conducted for village and county doctors as a result of this investment. These advances in the provision of services will assist hundreds of children and families suffering from rare diseases and reduce the social burden dramatically, ultimately changing the face of healthcare in these rural locations.
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