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Shimadzu China

Shimadzu China has been keeping the principle of "For the health of the Earth and human

being”.  By providing high quality products and solutions, it has been committed to solving water quality problems, coal-fired power stations and air issues, food contamination and other public issues. Shimadzu China is also an advocate of public welfare causes. Over the 30 years in China, it has been actively involved in donating and carrying out relief operations for disasters such as floods, geology, disease, etc..  In 2010, Shimadzu donated 200,000 yuan to CYDF "Mother River Protection" and launched afforestation project in Pingquan, Hebei and Poyang Lake wetland in Jiangxi Province.

Shimadzu China expects to spread the concept of “Value Ecology, Environment and Mother Lake" by supporting " Mother River Protection”project.  Up to now, Shimadzu China has donated 400,000 yuan to CYDF to plant 333 acres of trees in Pingquan of Hebei , Duchang of Jiangxi, Zhongning of Ningxia and Ezhou of Hubei, which has effectively improved the local ecological environment. In 2012, Shimadzu China donated another 200,000 yuan to CYDF to further support the " Mother River Protection ."
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