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In September 2009, in order to live up to its social responsibilities and promote the youth sports development in poverty-stricken areas, the Tsingtao Brewery CO.,LTD together with QSL Sports Ltd donated 5.75 million yuan to CYDF, and set up“Tsingtao Brewery•QSL Youth Sports Development Fund”. Through this charity platform, Tsingtao Brewery integrated the resources of its value chain and the external social resources to raise money for the sports activities of Chinese young people to advocate“passionate, happy and healthy" life style, and help young people grow up happily and healthily.

Tsingtao Brewery fund supports to equip the Hope primary schools with sports equipments in less developed areas, help the teenagers to carry out sports activities, cultivate talented students in sports, fund the hope primary schools to build up the professional sports teams, and carry out the exchange programs with the international youth groups.

As of December 31, 2012, Tsingtao Brewery as well as its partners had donated 15.8967 million yuan.

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