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In March, 2007, on the 500-day countdown to Olympic, Uni-president, the sponsor of 2008 Olympic Games together with CYDF launched “a bowl of noodle today, a golden medal tomorrow”Olympic charity activity. Uni-president committed to donate thirteen million yuan to establish "Uni-president Millenary Love Fund" in CYDF, and carried out “Uni-president welcomes the Olympics”series of charity activities with CYDF and Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee to bring the Olympic spiritto hope Primary Schools, and enable children in poor areas to enjoy the joy of sports. Meanwhile, this activity aims at promoting the spirit of perseverance, and the morality of fair competition, teamwork, mutual assistance through sports.

In 2009, Uni-President and Alexander Foundation set up "Alexander Uni-President" Charity Fund in CYDF. The Rockets and Uni-President co-hosted "100 yuan for 1 point, dunk for love" charity events to raise money. For every point the Rocket scored in 08-09 season, Uni-President would donate 100 yuan to "Alexander Uni-President" Charity Fund. Rockets scored 9259 points totally, so Uni-President accumulatively donated 2.7259 million yuan. Uni-President has built 22 Hope Primary Schools, and launched a series of public charity activities.

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