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Established in 1881, Nippon is the leading paint manufacturers in the world, , and one of the world's first paint companies. In 2009, Nippon donated 3.1 million yuan to CYDF to set up "Nippon Color Project Hope Fund." Till June 30, 2012, Nippon has donated accumulatively 12.28 million yuan, established 20 Green Hope Schools, set up 135 Nippon Happy Art Classrooms, and trained 40 art teachers.

Since 2009, Nippon, DuPont, and CYDF have cooperated in "Color, Way of love" activities to paint the facades for Hope primary schools and rural schools to beautify the campus appearance, improve the teaching environment, create eco-friendly atmosphere, and inspire children with better imagination. The "Color, Way of love" project won the "most influential public" corporate social responsibility awards in 2011. Till June 2012, volunteers and professionals have painted facades for 135 rural primary schools.

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