In 2010, CYDF launched "Beyond Love" project with Nike, funded 100 volunteer teams of college students from 16 provinces to carry out sports charity projects, benefiting directly over 26,000 and indirectly nearly 400,000 target population. The project explored problems of all aspects of contemporary China, including the life and education of migrant workers and their children, health and environmental issues arising from modern lifestyles, care and self-protection for vulnerable groups, cultural and recreational activities in poverty-stricken areas, and care for patients suffering fromm AIDS , autism, cerebral palsy and so on.

In 2011, based on "Beyond Love”project, the Gamechangers project was co-launched by CYDF, Nike and other domestic foundations. The project advocates improving the world through sports, aiming at helping more than 1,000 young peopleenhance their coaching and mentoring skills so as to better serve the growth of poor children and mobile adolescents, through sports. The project is focused on the development and application of volunteer training materials, and aims at building a more effective and sustainable platform for volunteers to join the community sports services.

Till October 2012 , Nike had donated a total of over 8 million yuan to CYDF.

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