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Mondelēz China

Mondelēz China ( former Kraft Foods China ), headquartered in Shanghai, was established in 1984. It is a leading company in the market of cracker, candy, beverage and other snacks. It currently has about 6,000 employees and eight production bases located in Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangzhou and Jiangmen.

In October 2009, CYDF and Mondelēz China co-launched “Mondelēz Hope Kitchen" (former Kraft Hope Kitchen ). With the program, rural schools are equipped with modern kitchen equipment in line with national health standards to enhance the catering ability of schools and provide students the access to meals.

As of the end of 2012, Mondelēz China has donated over 7.55 million yuan, supported the building of 200 “Mondelēz Hope Kitchen", benefiting over 100,000 students. Besides, Mondelēz China has donated products in value of 15 million yuan to CYDF.

In the beginning of 2012,  Mondelēz International Foundation recognized and supported ”Mondelēz Hope Kitchen" . It also donated 300,000 US Dollars to CYDF to help build and evaluate“Mondelēz Hope Kitchen" .

In 2013, Mondelēz China built another 50 “Mondelēz Hope Kitchen" and 10 “Yummy Vegetable Garden”. Meanwhile, it launched nutrition education plan orientated towards students and teachers to enrich“Mondelēz Hope Kitchen" and further improve nutrition condition of rural children.

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