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CYDF started cooperation with Disney from 1993. On the occasion of 65th birthday of Mickey Mouse, Walt Disney invited Project Hope Delegation to their celebration in the United States.

After "Wenchuan Earthquake" in 2008, Disney donated more than 8.6 million yuan to CYDF to set up "Disney Charity Fund", and supported the building of the first transitional Earthquake-relief Hope Primary Schools in the severely damaged Mianzhu city of Sichuan. Soon afterwards, Disney built another three transitional Earthquake-relief Hope Primary Schools and three permanent Disney Hope Primary Schools.  After the following "8  follHuili Panzhihua" earthquake in 2008, "Disney Charity Fund" built a hope primary school in the disaster-hit area of Yunnan.

In 2010, Disney Charity Fund has built 100 Disney Fun Houses for schools in Sichuan, Gansu, Shaanxi, Chongqing, Yunnan and other earthquake-struck areas. After the 2010 earthquake in Yushu in Qinghai Province, Walt Disney donated one million yuan again to CYDF for building earthquake-proof classrooms. It also provided stipends to 200 impoverished students to go to college.

In 2012, Disney Charity Fund set up the Disney Hope Community Center in the Hi-tech Zone of Chengdu, bringing benefits to nearly 2,500 families through professional social services and advocacy.

In 2013, Disney Charity Fund focused its efforts on helping the primary schools affected by the “4 a 22 Ya'an Earthquake” in Sichuan. With a new commitment of 1 million US dollars, the Fund planned to build two Disney Hope Primary Schools and provide training to 300 principals and 300 teachers of rural schools in Ya'an.

Over the years, Walt Disney has been committed to fulfilling its social responsibility. It has continuously carried out charity activities centered at cares for children and families in China. As for the end of 2013, Walt Disney has donated accumulatively over 16 million yuan to CYDF.

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