Chinese Athletes Educational Foundation (CAEF) was established by former Chinese world champions, namely Mr. Li Ning, Mr. Cai Zhenhua, Mr. Li Yongbo, Mr. Xu Haifeng, Mr. Huang Yubin, Miss Zhang Rongfang, Miss Zhou Jihong, Mr. Xiong Ni, Mr. Li Xiaoshuang and Mr. Li Chunyang. They also serve as trustees of the Foundation. On March 10, 2001, CAEF was registered in Hong Kong.

In 2005, CYDF started cooperation with Chinese Athletes Educational Foundation. They launched the construction of Hope Primary Schools and Project Hope Libraries, funded impoverished college students, Hope Primary School Sports Meeting and students suffered from South snowstorm and 5.12 earthquake. They also trained primary school PE teachers and supported a series of charity programs, such as "Athletes & Coaches Continue Education" and "All-Weather Playground".

In August 2009, Chinese Athletes Educational Foundation together with CYDF set up "Chinese Athletes Educational Charitable Fund"

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