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Sowers Action


 Sowers (Miao Pu in Chinese pinyin) Action is a well-known charitable organization incorporated in 1992 in Hong Kong. "Miao" represents students, " Pu" represents schools, and "action" means to take practical action to help dropout students in mountainous regions return to school, provide a safe learning environment for students, and improve the quality of teachers.

So far, Sowers Action has donated more than 50 million yuan to Project Hope, mainly from fund-raising events by charity walkathon. Sowers Action organizes "Walk to Guangzhou" every year.  It organized the "Walk to Beijing" on the occasion of the reunification of Hong Kong in 1997 and "Long March for Education - large scale international charity fundraising walkathon" on the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Red Army long march. It has also held "2008 Beijing Spring Walk for Education " , " 512 Walk for Education " , "Long March for Education - Tea & Horse Road into Tibet" ," Long March for Education to Qinghai/Yunnan" and other series of fundraising events, built over 900 Sower Action Primary Schools, trained over 10,000 teachers, got to be widely known at home and abroad. Its donations for elementary education in mainland rural areas totaled over 300 million yuan.
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