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Yao Foundation

Initiated by Yao Ming, Yao Foundation set up the Yao Ming Fund as an earmarked fund at CYDF. Yao Foundation is committed to boosting education, improving youth health and promoting charity activities in China. It assists CYDF with the development of public welfare cause and brings access to needy children to a bright future.

Yao foundation has built 15 Hope Primary Schools respectively in Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou, Qinghai, Guangxi and Shandong, and one special care school in Gansu.Over 9,000 students have benefited from Yao Ming Fund.

Many well-known enterprises have established cooperative relationship with Yao Foundation, and funded library, computer labs, happy sports playgrounds and kitchens to Yao Foundation Hope Primary Schools. Anta, Uni-President, National Basketball Association, TNT Hoau, By-Health, Stanley, Shanghai CFETS-ICAP and other companies have built eight Yao Foundation Hope Primary Schools.

In 2012, Yao Foundation launched “Yao Foundation Hope School Basketball Season”, providing  nearly 27,000 young people from 47 schools in underdeveloped regions with the chance to learn playing basketball and helping them to gain self-confidence and teamwork spirit through participation in activities.

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